Below is a running list of  websites for building Consciousness, Unity and Power within the Black Community. 

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Abibitumi is primarily an educational institution specializing in live online and offline teaching of various Afrikan languages; most notably, Akan (Twi), Yoruba, Wolof, Ewe, Ga, Mdw Ntr (Hieroglyphics), Kiswahili and, in the past, Songhoy. Classes are held in the online classroom using state-of-the-art streaming audio and video technology.



Black Junction

A Black Owned Social Media Site made just for us.

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Black Junction TV

Black Videos for Education and Entertainment

black main street

Black Main Street

Black News, Entertainment, Business and Education

Black Trade Lines

Black Trade Lines is an entity that uses technology in order to  make  sophisticated avenues for  finding and empowering Black Businesses. Black Trade Lines seeks to build economic empowerment and community building for Black people.



Black Video Streaming Services for Education & Entertainment

one million

I Am One Of The Million

One Million Conscious & Conscientious Black Voters and Contributors



Pan-African Alliance

Description: “United Black America believes that the path to power for Africans at home and abroad is in the spread of Consciousness, and the complete and total unification of the efforts of the people – economically, academically, socially, politically, and physically.  The Pan-African Alliance brings organizations from all over the world together to create a Black United Front. Different organizations possess different strengths, and the Pan-African Alliance combines those strengths into a force for the establishment of a United States of Africa. “

Race 1st

Pan-African Liberation Movement

“Founded in 1995 by Baba Imhotep Asis Fatiu, the Pan-Afrikan Liberation Movement (PLM) is a Pan-African, revolutionary, vanguard organization based in Baltimore, Maryland. We are a dedicated collective of Blacks striving toward a common objective: African sovereignty. From daycares, schools, and vegan restaurants – we are establishing African-centered institutions to heal, inspire, and transform Black people.”


Wise Warrior Nation

Martial Arts Self Defense Training



happy ass black people on computer

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