Below are a few suggestions of what we can do in order to work toward Freedom or Liberation with or without membership to the Black Awakening Movement.

black power rally

Use Your Talents & Skills We all have talents and skills that can help us work toward freedom.  We all have something to contribute; we need everyone in this fight toward freedom: our teachers, our doctors, our healers, our lawyers, our warriors, our strategists, our spiritual teachers, our caregivers, our artists, etc. The most important thing in all of this is Unity and the common desire & efforts toward freedom.

Use Social Media. Use Social Media in order to learn and to inform others about racism so that we can effectively work for change. *Please do not use Social Media to share plans or personal information that you want to remain private.

Educate Yourself. Most of us have been misinformed and mis-educated through the education system and media. Effective action toward freedom starts with correct knowledge and understanding. You can expand your knowledge and understanding by reading, researching and participating in thoughtful discussions. You can use this website as a tool through our recommended books, videos and leaders/teachers, pages as well as our Open Discussions.

Click Here For Tips on Using Critical Thinking and Employing Education To Develop A Critical Consciousness

Challenge Your Thoughts. Challenge your own thoughts and beliefs about racism. Everyone of us has had or has thoughts about racism that further promote our oppression (i.e stereotypes, black on black crime- see our FAQ section). We believe that awakening does not happen in one single moment but through a series of steps and stages where our consciousness can always be raised. We all have more to learn.

Speak About Racism.  Speak about race with an open mind and without fear.The problem won’t change if we don’t address it. Share your thoughts with other black individuals or groups. Connect with people who are working toward change.

Support Black Business. Increasing the economic power of black communities will be the beginning of increasing power amongst black people. Start spending more money on black businesses to increase black economic power:  See Our Black Business Directories

Stop Spending Money on Corporations That Support Oppression

Corporations To Boycott Suggested by African Unification:

  • McDonald’s
  • Wal-Mart
  • Sam’s Club
  • Exxon
  • Mobile
  • BP Gas
  • Esso
  • Koch Brothers

There are a multitude of boycotts occurring right now, contact your local leaders for information about boycotting.

Also, view our Black Business Directories to Identify Black Businesses you can spend your money at instead.

Arm Yourself Both Physically & Psychologically. As we learn more about oppression, we come to realize that our battle is both physical and psychological. It is important to have both physical protection in the form of weapons for self-defense. It is equally as important to care for our own sanity and sense of self.

Join An Organization or Movement. Join a local  or virtual organization that fights against racism. You can start by joining the Black Awakening Movement.

Support Those Working for Change. Unity is very powerful. Even if you are not on the forefront, you can support those who are fighting for freedom and justice. Support them emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.


During One Of Our Open Discussions, we gathered a list of suggestions of things we can do for our people.

View That List Here: Things We Can Do For The Benefit Of Our People

To add to this list, please email us at blackawakeningmovement@gmail.com or fill out the contact form below.

black unity bw

What Do You Think We Should Do?

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