Our Open Discussions Are Held Every Thursday at 7pm eastern Via Phone Conference.  
This Week’s Topic:



Thursday, April 26th, 2018

7pm-8pm EST

This week’s discussion will be focused on the following:

What projects are you currently working on for the betterment of our people?

What collaborations are you interested in?

How can we support each other more?


Open To All People Of African Descent
The Purpose of our Open Discussions & Lectures is to share information and perspective in order to raise our awareness & consciousness. All participants are welcomed to share their thoughts in a free space that encourages enlightenment, unity and action amongst our people so that we may effectively work toward Black Liberation & Sovereignty.


To Join, Use the Information Below at the Time & Date of The Discussion:

By Phone: 215-791-6323

By Computer:

DISCLAIMER: This is an open discussion. Please keep in mind that anyone identified as Black is entitled to join the call. The opinions and ideas shared on the call represent each person individually and not the group as a whole. Each person is encouraged to do their own research outside the call to clarify or extend information presented on the call. Please also keep in mind that this is an open discussion and it is possible for people who are not on the call to hear you while on the line. Please do not express anything that you wouldn’t want to be expressed publicly.



Thursday May 3rd, 2018



Email us at to suggest a topic or ask questions


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2 thoughts on “MEETINGS & EVENTS”

  1. I am MUGUNGA Aime a black African young from Rwanda, I’m very happy to see this website, it is incomparable things because unity make strength, so, thanks very much for what you have done, in my dream I had always think about what can us together so, let say again thanks so much every one who promotes our unity. if possible can we make whatsapp group, it will help us to share the ideas quick and easy, and if you have it because i’m a new comer add me, my phone number is +250788605573.
    Have nice day.


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