Booklet contains 20 pages of information on Racism/White Supremacy including charts, explanations and reading suggestions to gain a deeper understanding of Racism/White Supremacy. This Booklet also contains a collection of suggestions on how to counteract racism. See handouts below for an example of some of the information you might find in the booklet. Booklet is printed Black & White on Plain Paper By A Black Owned Printing Company


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Order 25 Booklets to give to your Family, Friends, Community, etc.

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Below Are A List Of Handouts Created By Our Leaders In Order To Increase Awareness & Understanding. We Suggest Reading These Handouts & Sharing Them With Those You Know. Below You Will Find A .pdf Link To Each Handout. You are free to print and share these as long as you attribute them to our organization.

“What We Need To Know About Racism Against Black People”

This handout illustrates what racism/white supremacy really is and how it operates within a network of systems and practices. Feel free to distribute the handout as we want as many people as possible to have this information.

Click Here for PDF: What We Need To Know About Racism 

“Did You Know” Handout 1

A Handout Including 5 Shocking Facts About Racism

Click Here For PDF: Did You Know Handout

Did You Know Handout Image.jpg

Recommended Reading List

A Compiled List Of Recommended Reading For Raising Consciousness, Knowledge and Awareness as is relates to Black People, Racism and Black History

Click Here for PDF: Black Awakening Movement Suggested Reading List

Email For Questions or Suggestions

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