Below Are A List Of Handouts Created By Our Leaders In Order To Increase Awareness & Understanding. We Suggest Reading These Handouts & Sharing Them With Those You Know. Below You Will Find A .pdf Link To Each Handout.

“What We Need To Know About Racism Against Black People”

This handout illustrates what racism/white supremacy really is and how it operates within a network of systems and practices. Feel free to distribute the handout as we want as many people as possible to have this information.

Click Here for PDF: What We Need To Know About Racism 

“Dispelling The Myths Pt. 1” Handout

A handout dispelling a few common myths in our community

Click Here For .pdf:  Dispelling the Myths pt. 1

Dispelling The Myth pt 1 image.jpg

“Did You Know” Handout 1

A Handout Including 5 Shocking Facts About Racism

Click Here For PDF: Did You Know Handout

Did You Know Handout Image.jpg

Recommended Reading List

A Compiled List Of Recommended Reading For Raising Consciousness, Knowledge and Awareness as is relates to Black People, Racism and Black History

Click Here for PDF: Black Awakening Movement Suggested Reading List

Email For Questions or Suggestions

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