Become A Supporting Member of The Black Awakening Movement

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Supporting members are individuals who share the mission of our organization and who will assist Black Awakening Movement leaders in awakening and unifying people of African descent. Supporting members are not active leaders of the organization nor are they responsible for making decisions related to the organization itself. However, they will help support the mission and leaders of the organization through the following:

  • Spreading and Disseminating information from the organization to the masses of Black people via physical distribution and/or social media.
  • Promoting events, projects and fundraising efforts of the Black Awakening Movement
  • Active participation in discussions and events created by the Black Awakening Movement

Requirements of Supporting Leaders:

  • Be of African Descent (share racial identity of leaders of the organization)
  • Be committed to the awakening and freedom of African people worldwide
  • Minimum $10 contribution to the Black Awakening Movement to help support its mission
  • Interview with leaders of the organization
  • Participation in weekly Black Awakening Movement Open Discussions (at least twice a month)
  • Read and Agree to our Mission Statement:
Mission/Purpose Statement
We of the Black Awakening Movement, agree that our Mission is the Awakening of people indigenous to the continent of Africa in order to effectively work toward the liberation of all Black people worldwide. Let it be known that no other issue or affiliation will distract us from our primary mission including religion, political party, sexual orientation, etc. In full dedication to our mission and principles, we will not at any time lend our energy or direct support to any other outside movement or cause. In order to be successful, we stand as an organization on singleness of purpose. We agree to at all times put Black Liberation and Black Unity before all other movements and differences as Black Liberation is our ultimate goal.


Please Read Mission Statement (above) and Infiltration Clause (below) Before Completing Application


Infiltration Clause
Infiltration, as defined by the Black Awakening Movement, includes any knowing attempts to join, participate or study this organization for the purposes of interfering with the movement’s goals, relaying information to opposing entities or acting within the group for any other malicious purpose. The Black Awakening Movement has zero tolerance for infiltration and the result of such infiltration will lead to natural consequences.


If you have questions about your application or if you are interested in collaborating in other ways, please email us at

3 thoughts on “JOIN”

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part this group. Although I know I won’t be alive to see our people return back to greatness, I feel it is my obligation to contribute to the cause until the day I die. Uhuru Sasa! Race 1st!


  2. Greetings to ALL of U Amazing SuperHumans. Thank U for This BRILLIANT MOVEMENT! Da Ebony W🖤rri🖤rs aRe honored to BE Connected to each of U Geniuses. Shine On!


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