The Black Awakening Movement is an organization and network of people committed to awakening our people to the truth about racism and who we are as Black/African people. This movement focuses first and foremost on Awakening our people in order so that we can effectively work towards Black Liberation.


We seek to achieve our mission of awakening Black people through the use of:

Our leaders work constantly to improve and create new ways for our people to be awakened and to build Unity. We readily take suggestions as well as participation. Please email the blackawakeningmovement@gmail.com or visit our membership page for more information on how you can be involved.

Mission Statement

We of the Black Awakening Movement, agree that our Mission is the Awakening of people natural to the continent of Africa in order to effectively work toward the liberation of all Black people worldwide.

Purpose Statement

Let it be known that no other issue or affiliation will distract us from our primary mission including religion, political party, sexual orientation, etc. In full dedication to our mission and principles, we will not at any time lend our energy or direct support to any other movement or cause outside of Black Liberation. We stand as an organization on singleness of purpose. We agree to at all times put Black Liberation and Black Unity before all movements and differences as Black Liberation is our ultimate goal.


Our symbol includes an encircled Eye of Heru on top of the RBG Flag. The Circle represents Unity of All People Natural to the Continent of Africa. “The Eye of Heru is a quintessential symbol of awakening to Divine Consciousness”

(Little book of Neter, p.g 50)

The “RBG” Flag, is a symbol of Pan-Africanism first designed and used by Marcus Garvey of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA): Red For The Blood, Black For the People, Green for the Land.

The letters on the right side of our flag represent the name of the organization: Black Awakening Movement (B.A.M).



 UNITY Unity First

We believe that Unity is a priority for all Black people. We seek to increase and spread Unity as much as possible Why Black People Must Unite

 EMPOWERMENT Power to The People

We believe in empowering Black people by supporting, building and protecting. We must reclaim our power

 JUSTICE The Absence of Injustice

Our ultimate goal is the absence of injustice and oppression. The return of Ma’at

 FREEDOM Black Liberation

We seek total Freedom or Black Liberation as defined by us

 KNOWLEDGE Educating Ourselves with Truth

We strongly seek to use knowledge in order to bring our people to the truth. We believe that correct knowledge is powerful and a prerequisite to effective action.

 AWARENESS Awakening the People

Our goal is to awaken Black people to the truth about racism as well as who we are as a people. We believe that once our people are awakened, we will be able to more effectively work toward our liberation


We are funded solely by the contributions of our leaders and generous contributions from individuals interested in helping us achieve our mission. If you are interesting in contributing to the Black Awakening Movement, please click here.


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