holistic black health

For centuries, we as Black people have been abused mentally, physically, economically, spiritually, etc. Healing is a necessity for our individual growth and our collective growth as a people. For once we are healed, we are more effective in every effort and aspect of life.

Here Are A Few Resources To Help You In The Healing Process:


Psychological/Spiritual Healing

  • Lion Heart Life Healing Sessions offered virtually (via phone & skype) in all parts of the U.S   484-455-4542
  • The Life Solutions/Bishops Institute’s (Formally the Universal Family Healing Institute & Charter Member of the Association of Christian Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors), Dr. A Al-Kahlil-Bey, Social Scientist & Etheric Energy Balancer: Specializes in designing interventions from a holistic perspective; To treat communities, families & individuals with (Post) Traumatic Social Imbalances. Kahlil’s focus on culturally relevant, spiritually based treatment modalities and service delivery, has its underpinnings in Eastern philosophies, the Kinship Model of the Oral tradition, the systems approach and Critical Paradigm of Western philosophies, through Inductive/Deductive Reasoning interventions. For more information Call Dr. Bey: 202-352-2056 or Email

Relationship Healing


If there’s any information related to healing that you would like to give or request, please fill out the contact form below:


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