We are living in an illusion…

Racism is not what many of us believe it to be.

For centuries, Black/African people have been oppressed in a variety of ways including through slavery, genocide, violence, destruction, segregation, assassination, manipulation and imprisonment.

Many people believe that racism no longer exists on a large scale. However, oppression against Black/African people continues to occur on a large scale in the U.S & Worldwide. 

Racism is systemic and occurs in every American System & Practice (as well as Worldwide) including:

  • criminal-justice systems
  • education systems
  • economic systems
  • entertainment systems (media)
  • health systems
  • legal systems
  • political systems
  • psychological practices
  • physical/violent practices
  • religious/spiritual practices
  • social practices

(See the “What We Need To Know About Racism” Booklet)

We Have Been Misinformed About Racism….

These systems are so ingrained in racism that almost every attempt to radically change the condition of Black people in this society has led to assassination or infiltration orchestrated by Government Agencies. Those in control of these systems have used various tools in order to mask these atrocities and change the views of the masses about racism (i.e misinforming the public using the news and educational system ).

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(See our Informational Handouts and Recommended Books, Videos and Leaders/Teachers for more information).

We suffer everyday because of racism and many of us do not even fully understand why we are suffering.

We Have To Wake Up…

The Black Awakening Movement focuses first and foremost on Awakening our people to the true nature of racism and who we really are as a people, historically and presently so that we can effectively work toward Black Liberation/Freedom (The Absence of Oppression). 

We understand that true Awakening comes from within when we open our minds and actively search for Truth. We encourage you to use this website and this organization as tools to help support you on the path of awakening and awakening others.

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