We are living in an illusion…

Racism is not what many of us believe it to be.

For centuries, Black/African people have been oppressed in a variety of ways including through slavery, genocide, violence, destruction, segregation, assassination, manipulation and imprisonment.

Many people believe that racism no longer exists on a large scale. However, oppression against Black/African people continues to occur on a large scale in the U.S & Worldwide. 

Racism is systemic and occurs in every American System & Practice (as well as Worldwide) including:

  • criminal-justice systems
  • education systems
  • economic systems
  • entertainment systems (media)
  • health systems
  • legal systems
  • political systems
  • psychological practices
  • physical/violent practices
  • religious/spiritual practices
  • social practices

(See the “What We Need To Know About Racism“)

We Have Been Misinformed About Racism….

These systems are so ingrained in racism that almost every attempt to radically change the condition of Black people in this society has led to assassination or infiltration orchestrated by Government Agencies. Those in control of these systems have used various tools in order to mask these atrocities and change the views of the masses about racism (i.e misinforming the public using the news and educational system ).

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(See our Informational Handouts and Recommended Books, Videos and Leaders/Teachers for more information).

We suffer everyday because of racism and many of us do not even fully understand why we are suffering.

We Have To Wake Up…

The Black Awakening Movement focuses first and foremost on Awakening our people to the true nature of racism and who we really are as a people, historically and presently so that we can effectively work toward Black Liberation/Freedom (The Absence of Oppression). 

We understand that true Awakening comes from within when we open our minds and actively search for Truth. We encourage you to use this website and this organization as tools to help support you on the path of awakening and awakening others.

Please browse our website for more information and email us at if you have any questions.

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Join Us Every Thursday at 7pm est for Open Discussions held via phone conference on enlightening topics related to Racism/Oppression and Black Liberation. For Details on these Open Discussions, Please See Our Meeting/Event Page.




15 thoughts on “AWAKENING”

  1. I am MUGUNGA Aime a black African young from Rwanda, I’m very happy to see this website, it is incomparable things because unity make strength, so, thanks very much for what you have done, in my dream I had always think about what can us together so, let say again thanks so much every one who promotes our unity. if possible can we make whatsapp group, it will help us to share the ideas quick and easy, and if you have it because i’m a new comer add me, my phone number is +250788605573.
    Have nice day.

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  2. I am also hungry for answers , i have been reading and researching. I long for a community that is actually actively doing something, and though the internet is filled with knowledge and the knowledgeable, i find im disappointed in their self rightous and/or intolerant stance. Does this website tear down other who dont agree or those who faithfully practice christianity despite the origins in which black people assimilated into Christianity? I only ask this because i was raised in the church. And at a young age i came to realize the bible stories were not literal, and this could not be our true religion. Despite this realization i continued to respect the church especially my church ladies who i love. All black people are in this fight together regardless of their affliations. If your site is intolerant i wouldnt want to be a part of it.


  3. I like this site already. I will be joining the January 26th phone conference. I have been awake since I was 19. My curiosity of the family structure in the black community began at 18. My emergence in black history started from the Natural hair movement. I was always seeing negative comments and opinions of and about black people when it came to colorism, gender, and parentless homes which bothered my soul and had me craving for positivity and upliftment, I started getting it from Google. On the side note, support this black man’s business. It’s all natural, unrefined, and plant based. He also accepts money orders.

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  4. Will you have any communication with any African countries like South Africa the Congo Somalia Sudan Ethiopia Ghana ? Building a direct communication with these African countries could a big help in the liberation and freedom of black people in America culturally economically politically and socially.


  5. We are glad that you are beginning your journey. We hold Open Discussions via phone conference every Thursday at 7pm. You are welcomed to join us to learn more and speak with like-minded people. We also have a list of recommended books, videos and lecturers as well as handouts on our website. Please let us know if there is any other way we can help. Peace Sister


  6. Salute! I’m have 40 years high of my Pro-Black state of mind. I’m also very Pro-Black Movement, because I’m for my people. The hash tag #BlackRadicalThoughts is proof of this. I applaud every effort in attempt to free the remaining mental slavery that exist within our people. My longevity of awareness, at times, has me SMH at the thought process of our people, because, I mean, how long does it take for the visual to process what’s been seen? It’s as though the aware are wasting our time on hollow heads, that “See” the truth, yet deny it. How much alarm clock performing is needed to awake these same people of ours who just continue to be blatant in their disregard of the truth? Perhaps their not sleep at all. Perhaps their heads are just dead, revival free…


  7. I truly see the meaning of the misconception of Amerikkka’s Accepted Cultural Racism. That a people must awaken to in order to finish the fight WE have always been in from our very start. In a country that has always denied its overlong behavioral man made belief. That today our people have accepted that taught evilness to use on our own. As seen across this country in every state of every city. I’m honored to be completely Awaken.

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  8. I’m glad you asked that question. The Black Awakening Movement is an all Black organization, created by and for Black people. We do not receive any funding from government organizations nor are we controlled by any white entities. We are funded solely by individual contributions. This is why we need the support of the Black community more than ever. Please see our contribution page for more information:

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